The Essential Mascot Pack is here!!

The Essential Mascot Pack is here!!

We are very excited about the release of The Essential Mascot Pack. This was our most ambitious project to date.

We are constantly surveying our customers for what art content they need in terms of styles and categories. Our latest survey was clear that the industry is starved for better mascots. So many of the mascots currently available are dated, poor quality or overused. Our goal was to create the very best mascots available by providing four distinct styles of each mascot. The Essential Mascot pack was focused on delivering the most popular 40 mascots.

Now we are underway on developing The Ultimate Mascot Pack which will contain 118 additional mascots and will cover the not so popular mascots. When we are wrap up The Ultimate Mascot Pack we will have created over 632 vector mascots!

The Essential Mascot Pack is now available for purchase here

Our process:

Sketch > Vectorize

End result following vectorization: